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Memberships are now due

January has arrived once again. The madness of Christmas and the celebrations of New Year are behind us as we look forward to another year, that’s hopefully better than the last.

For the first time in nearly 2 years, membership to the New Road Area Community Association has expired*. As you may know, membership runs from January to January, but with COVID closing the centre for the majority of 2020, memberships were automatically extended until the end of 2021.

Therefore it is now time to renew.

The price of a membership has not changed, remaining £13 for adults and just £2 for children. What has changed is the way in which you can purchase your membership. With our new website now up and running, you now have the ability to purchase a membership via our dedicated page. Click here to re-join.

The key benefit of purchasing online, is that your membership will last a full year from when you purchase. So if you buy in March, it’ll run until the following March.

Should you wish to purchase your membership in the old way, you can still do this. Simply pop into the bar on a Friday or Saturday evening and a member of the team will provide the relevant form.

We’re optimistic for an improved year in 2022, full of smiles, laughs and memories.

From the entire team, Happy New Year and we hope to see you soon.

*If you’ve purchased a membership online already in the last 12 months, this will of course remain valid.

Kind regards


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